Our most popular tool is the Goals + Success Spectrum, which is included in many of the templates below. We offer monthly, online peer coaching to support you in using it effectively and regularly. The deadline to register for the next (November 3, 2020) session is October 23, 2020. Register today!

The fundamental unit of most collaborative processes — for better or for worse — is the meeting. Our abilities to design and facilitate meetings effectively is a critical element of high-performance collaboration. These are tools that I’ve developed and use to help with this:

We developed these Google Docs / Google Presentation meeting templates at Groupaya, and I continue to refine them. They’re useful as a sort of meeting checklist, because they remind you to get clear on goals and key logistical information. They’re particularly valuable for real-time, collaborative note-taking.

To use, click on the links to open Google Docs, then select File > Make a copy… in the menu.

Meeting Notes

Google Doc (Last updated: February 2014)

Meetings Log

Multiple meeting notes all in one document.

Google Doc (Last updated: January 2016)

Meeting Venues Checklist

See the Meeting Venues Checklist.

Simple Meeting Design

For simple meetings (day-long or less).

Google Doc

Meeting Design (Preparation)

Co-create a more complex, facilitated meeting design (day-long or more).

Google Doc

Meeting Design (Performance)

Format optimized to guide facilitators / support team during a more complex, facilitated meetings (day-long or more).

Google Presentation

Meeting Retrospective

See the Retrospective toolkit.


November 20, 2018

February 1, 2017

  • Added Simple Meeting Design template

January 26, 2015

  • All: Updated fonts and colors to new Faster Than 20 styles
  • Meeting Design (Preparation): Incorporated updated Goal Template.
  • Meeting Design (Preparation): Expanded and reorganized sections.
  • Meeting Design (Preparation): Added high-level design / agenda with links to facilitator notes. (Inspired by Forward Together.)
  • Meeting Design (Preparation): Added jump links to the top. (Inspired by Forward Together.)