Collaboration is hard. Ironically, those of us trying to do it well are often isolated, working instinctively, even making it up as we go along.

It shouldn’t be this way. One way I’m trying to counter this is by offering coaching for collaboration practitioners.


I’m looking to support:

  • Leaders who want to build high-performance teams with great collaboration habits and culture
  • Practitioners who are designing or facilitating high-stakes, participatory meetings, collaborative programs, or complex, systems change projects


  • Greater clarity around what you’re trying to achieve and why
  • Practice building the right habits, muscles, and mindsets
  • Validation, accountability, and thought partnership

How It Works

Every collaboration practitioner is different, so I build a custom program based on your unique needs, values, and strengths. Most of the sessions will consist of me listening, capturing and reflecting back what I hear, and asking questions to try to reach greater clarity. When appropriate, I’ll offer my own experiences and approaches, sometimes guiding you through specific exercises or tools.

Packages of four sessions cost $2,000.

  • Sessions are between 60-90 minutes, depending on your needs. They can be weekly, monthly, or anywhere in-between. They are remote sessions over video or phone, although if you live in San Francisco or Oakland, I am happy to meet you face-to-face.
  • I take live notes during each session, and share an overall synthesis after the fourth session
  • Packages include a subscription to my Good Goal-Setting Peer Coaching Online Workshops

I can also shadow meetings to offer feedback on your facilitation and observations on group dynamics. It costs $1,500 + travel and expenses for one-day meetings, $2,500 + travel and expenses for 2-3 day meetings. (Email me for rates for shorter team meetings.) As a bonus, I take professional-level photos while I’m shadowing, which gives you a nice record and also makes it less weird for participants to have me in the room.

About Me

Eugene Eric Kim
I’m Eugene Eric Kim. I spent 15 years helping groups learn how to come alive and collaborate more skillfully together. I co-founded two social impact consultancies, where I helped companies across different sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to grassroots movements. Past clients included the CIA, Delta Conservancy, Genentech, Institute for International Education, NASA, and the Wikimedia Foundation. I’m now focusing my efforts on helping other changemakers develop the same skills that I use to help groups. I freely share what I learn here at this website. (Sign up for my newsletter below to follow.) I received my A.B. in History and Science from Harvard University.

Email me at for more information or to schedule a free initial consultation.