The Self-Care Dashboard is a Google Spreadsheet that I use to track weekly self-care practices. I give myself points when I exercise, when I turn off my email in the evenings and on weekends, and when I take a “play day” in the middle of the week. You can copy and adapt the spreadsheet to track your own self-care practices.

To copy it, follow this link. This will open up the Google Spreadsheet. Then go to File > Make a copy to create a copy that you can modify in your own account.

The following video explains how to use the spreadsheet.

For more background, read my July 27, 2013 blog post, “My Self-Care Dashboard” and my December 31, 2013 followup, “2013 Self-Care Review.”

For more about my personal and professional self-care journey, read my March 25, 2015 post, “Working Less (and Other 2015 Strategic Priorities),” and my May 27, 2017 piece, “We Are Not Freaking Butterflies: An Update on Self-Care and Balance.”