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We’re currently in the process of revamping of our offerings. We’ll announce our 2021 offerings soon.

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If you have to cancel for whatever reason, you can get a full refund if you cancel by 5pm PT, Friday, November 20, 2020. After that, we won’t be able to offer a refund.

The Offering

In my 15 years of helping groups reach peak performance, I’ve noticed that many collaboration challenges — from lack of trust to poor communication — have a deceptively simple root cause: a lack of alignment around a clear and specific set of goals. Addressing this root cause often has a dramatic impact on a team’s performance.

Aligning around goals and success is hard, but achievable with persistence and practice. In this highly interactive, online, peer coaching workshop, I’ll introduce a simple tool: the Goals + Success Spectrum. We’ll practice using it together, and we’ll give each other feedback (which will be a great way to get to know each other as well)! You will walk away with stronger muscles for setting effective goals and a powerful tool you can continue to use afterward.

The Process

This online peer coaching session consists of a 90-minute Zoom session. Each session will consist of practice, peer feedback, and coaching. There will also be an hour of homework beforehand and afterward.

The Impact

Participating will help you develop skills around:

  • Defining good, meaningful, specific targets around success
  • Aligning groups around success
  • Using the success spectrum for assessment and learning

Developing the above skills will help you act more strategically, learn more quickly, and work together more effectively. You will also have the opportunity to build relationships with other practitioners like yourself.

What Past Participants Have Said

In some ways, it was so simple and so beautiful. It wasn’t super fancy. It was just super effective.

I just loved the spectrum concept for goal setting. It just worked for me. I love that Eugene explained just enough to get a good understanding, and then we practiced. The way you ran the workshop is a great model for every workshop.

I rarely enjoy online trainings. This online training was fantastic. You did a great job, it was engaging, the breakout groups kept it going, and you were so patient with everyone using the technology.

I so appreciate Eugene’s generosity in presenting this and sharing it widely! It’s wonderful to share in community in this way, and the tool itself provides a snappy, simple, yet robust approach to deepening alignment around goal-setting.

Facilitator / Coach

Eugene Eric Kim

Eugene Eric Kim

Eugene helps groups learn how to come alive and collaborate more skillfully together. In addition to creating the Goals + Success Spectrum, he co-founded two social impact consultancies, where he helped companies across different sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to grassroots movements. Past clients included the CIA, Delta Conservancy, Genentech, Institute for International Education, NASA, and the Wikimedia Foundation. He’s now focusing his efforts on helping other changemakers develop the same skills that he uses to help groups. He shares what he learns here at Faster Than 20. Eugene received his A.B. in History and Science from Harvard University.


We’re currently in the process of revamping of our offerings. We’ll announce our 2021 offerings soon.