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Collaborative Literacy

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The good news is that none of us are starting from scratch. Humans are social animals by nature, and we collaborate regularly in all facets of our lives. Structures that encourage us to harness, rather than oppress these well-developed muscles, could have an immediate impact on our ability to collaborate effectively with each other.

Why “Faster Than 20”?ären-optionen-geld-verdienen kann man mit binären optionen geld verdienen Complex social change typically requires at least 20 years. The cynical explanation is that it requires a generation to die off and a new generation to take over before the mindset and corresponding structural shifts can take place. In other words, binaire opties halal the bottleneck is people, and people don’t change. They die. anyoption erfahrungsberichte We can’t afford to wait this long. The world’s challenges are scaling in complexity faster than our ability to solve them. We need to figure out how to make positive change faster than 20 years.

Science supports the notion that individuals are limited in our ability to change. In particular, we do not seem biologically capable of accelerating our abilities to process things emotionally. However, vergleich broker binäre optionen groups are capable of transcending the limitations of its individual members, provided that they are structured optimally and that they interact effectively.

Groups of all types — small teams, global businesses, social change movements — are facing this fundamental challenge of how to collaborate effectively in this rapidly changing world. I’ve spent the past decade working on this problem. This is a space for me to share what I’ve been learning and also a home for my various experiments in this space.

About Eugene Eric Kim

I run a training program called Collaboration Muscles & Mindsets, a space for changemakers to practice the skills they need to work effectively in groups. I also partner with other skilled practitioners to develop and give away toolkits for helping groups achieve high-performance, including DIY Strategy / Culture.

Previously, I spent a decade helping groups learn how to come alive and collaborate more skillfully together. I co-founded two social change consultancies in this pursuit: Blue Oxen Associates and Groupaya. I worked with C-level business leaders and social activists, rocket scientists and spies, billionaires and hackers, foundations and farmers. My work took me to nine countries across five different continents.

For more about me, see my personal website and blog, or follow @eekim on Twitter. To contact me, email me at

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