Strategy and culture — when done well — is a collective inquiry process where you and your partners explore the following questions:

Strategy / Culture Questions

Your goal is to align around good, thoughtful answers to these questions… and to hold them lightly, as your answers will evolve as you do the work. These toolkits are designed to help groups and individuals do exactly that.

For more background on how these came about, read, “Do-It-Yourself Strategy and Culture” (May 5, 2015).

Strategy / Culture Bicycle

Toolkit: Strategy / Culture Bicycle

If strategy and culture is a collective inquiry process, the first step is to identify the most important questions. The Strategy / Culture Bicycle is a quick and effective way to rapidly develop a shared understanding across the group around what it already knows and what it needs to figure out.


Toolkit: Roadmap

Planning is a central part of any strategy or culture process. The Roadmap toolkit helps you flexibly and concretely explore different scenarios, enabling you to gut check your goals and vision.