A tool for building, transforming, and assessing culture in groups. Read “Playing cards for culture change” (May 23, 2014) for an introduction to these cards.

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These mindsets were originally harvested from work that Eugene Eric Kim, Kristin Cobble, and Rebecca Petzel did together over several years at Groupaya working with organizations on culture change. We iterate these mindsets on an ongoing basis through testing and feedback.

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These Mindset Cards are part of a larger DIY Strategy / Culture toolkit, which also includes:

  • Strategy / Culture Bicycle. Surface, align around, and prioritize critical questions about strategy and culture.
  • Goals / Success Spectrum. Helps you get very clear and aligned about vision, strategic goals, and success metric.
  • Roadmap. Explore different scenarios and develop a strategic plan.


These cards were created by Eugene Eric Kim and Amy Wu with considerable contributions from Rebecca Petzel and Kristin Cobble.

Kristin Cobble first introduced the mindset framework to Eugene in 2010, and it formed the basis of several of the projects they did together with Rebecca Petzel at Groupaya. Eugene conceived of these cards as a way to make this work more accessible to others. In 2014, he did an initial harvest with Rebecca and created the first versions of these cards. Soon thereafter, he partnered with Amy to take these cards to the next level.

We are indebted to the Garfield Foundation, which has supported much of Eugene’s efforts, and to the many people who have contributed ideas and feedback and who have prototyped these cards. They include:

Marla Cornelius
Kavi Harshawat
Kim Howard
Wendy Fong
Diane Johnson
Phil Martin
Rick Reed
Ruth Rominger
Dharmishta Rood
Giselle Sperber
Aerjen Tamminga
Alex Tran

This work is public domain.


February 7, 2016

  • Added ID number and version to the cards
  • Consolidated different values variations into one standard deck

May 4, 2015