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  • Get clear about your goals
  • Know your group physics
  • Think beyond meetings

Get Clear About Your Goals

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Know Your Group Physics

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  • How many people will be there?
  • How much time do you have?
  • What does the space look like?

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Think Beyond Meetings

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Eugene helps groups learn how to come alive and collaborate more skillfully together. He spent ten years consulting with companies across different sectors, from Fortune 500 companies to grassroots movements. He’s now focusing his efforts on helping others develop the same skills that he uses to help groups.

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  1. Eugene, I have been having a ton of fun stringing different Liberating Structures as a different way to enter into a design – be it me alone (rare) or with others (common.) It has the same sense i feel as I read about your Bootcamp approach. The doing is the creating is the learning is the emergence is the fun and sometimes discomfort. It would be fun to find a way to play with this together. http://www.liberatingstructures.com — Keith has challenged me to “write the book” about LS online. And it has dawned on me that I CAN work less for pay (hubs retired yesterday, we can live simply) and maybe this is what I’m spozed to do. Sort of an epiphany, but one that I think has a seed that was planted as i watched you reinvent your life.


    1. Nancy, I’d love to find a time to explore this with you. Let’s find a time to talk (perhaps piggybacked with a little video interview)!

      In the meantime, how did you come across the Liberating Structures work, and how is it impacting your work right now?

      Who knows? Not only might this be the work you’re “supposed” to do, maybe you can still get paid to do it!

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